eTuition and Online Courses for Undergraduates

VSU offers a number of online undergraduate courses. These courses are taught by VSU faculty and offered through VSU departments. VSU students also have the option to take most core courses online through eCore (Georgia’s Core Curriculum Online). These courses must be accessed through the Georgia OnMyLine website and are taught by faculty from across the university system; therefore, an eCore faculty member may not necessarily be on the VSU campus.

You may register for any combination of online and on-campus courses that fit the requirements of your program of study.

Students taking only online courses- Students who register for online courses only (no on-campus courses are taken) should be exempt from most student fees; however, Technology fees, Access Card fees, and any Special Institutional fees set by the University System of Georgia still apply.

Students Taking a Combination of Online and On-Campus Courses- Students who opt to take one or more online courses in conjunction with on-campus courses will still be responsible for all relevant fees. Additionally, out-of-state students taking a combination of online and on-campus courses will be assessed the out-of-state tuition rate for all classes, including the online classes, up to 15 credit hours.

Complete tuition information is available online.

  • Undergraduate eTuition Rate for Fall 2020: $182.13 per credit hour; $546.39 per three-hour course.
  • Undergraduate eCore Rate for Fall 2020: $159 per credit hour; $477 per three-hour course.