Welcome to the Academic Support Center


We offer the following services to VSU students and the community.

  • Peer Tutoring: We provide FREE one-on-one and small group tutoring for undergraduate courses for VSU students, as well as writing assistance for graduate students. Tutoring is available for most core courses and some upper-division courses. To schedule sessions with a peer tutor, stop by the ASC in Odum Library, or call (229) 333-7570.
  • Online Tutoring for VSU students through BlazeVIEWIf you are an online student, need help in courses for which the ASC does not offer tutoring, during hours in which we are not open, consider making an online tutoring appointment. We have partnered with ThinkingStorm, a leader in online tutoring resources for college students, and will be offering 24/7 access to online tutoring through ThinkingStorm. You can access it by:
    • Log-into your MyVSU portal. On the list of portals, click BlazeVIEW. Then click on any class tile you have listed. On the 'Resources' tab, click 'Free Tutoring'. On the right-hand side, click the yellow 'Start Now' button for online only appointments. The red button on the left-hand side is for in-person appointment during our posted office hours.

  • Supplemental Instruction: We embed students who have excelled in particular courses in sections of these classes in subsequent semesters. They conduct peer assisted study sessions for the course. The majority of our supported courses are introductory science and social science course super sections. Many are also supported by a First Year Learning Community (FLC).
  • Workshops: Role/Time Management, Goal Setting, Communication/Coping Skills and more. (To learn more about the workshops, please click on the link.
  • Community Tutoring: We provide tutoring to the community for a reasonable fee. To schedule sessions with a community tutor, please click on the link provided to learn more about the tutors available, then click on their names to find times that meet your needs.
  • Technology Assistance: We can provide assistance with many technology concerns such as the use of Microsoft Office Suite products. Call our office for a tutoring appointment
  • Standardized Exam Assistance: We provide one on one tutoring for many of the most popular standardized exams including GRE, GMAT, GACE, TEAS and others. Please call our office for a tutoring appointment

For those currently working with the Academic Support Center, or interested in working with us.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to increase retention by providing students with access to free tutoring in core courses, thereby fostering the independent, critical thinking skills they need to succeed in college and beyond.


To rigorously train tutors to help students become independent learners in the following ways: 

  • Tutors model successful ways of solving problems.
  • Tutors provide study strategies and lead study groups.
  • Tutors and staff provide Success Workshops throughout the semester.