Request a Review or File a Grievance

Any student who is dissatisfied with a decision made by the Access Office or the implementation of such a decision is entitled to prompt and equitable review of his/her complaint.  Initial requests for review by the Access Office should be initiated as soon as possible, but no later than the start of the academic semester following the semester in which the incident(s) occurred. Requests for review should be communicated in person to the Director of the Access Office or submitted using the form below (which will be sent to the Director of the Access Office). Students will receive a response to their review request via their VSU email address from the Access Office within 10 business days. If the student is still dissatisfied after the review by the Director of the Access Office or if the nature of the complaint involves a decision or action made by the Director of the Access Office, students may seek further review through The Office of Academic Affairs. In the event that a student is dissatisfied with the outcome of an informal inquiry, she or he may seek equitable resolution with the ADA/504 Officer housed in the Office of Social Equity.


For students experiencing conflict, they may also seek the assistance of the VSU Conflict Resolution Program. Through this program, a mediator or conflict coach may be able to help the student facilitate a resolution to the conflict. A mediator is an impartial third party who helps disputing parties generate and evaluate options for reaching a mutually acceptable agreement. A conflict coach works one-on-one with a client for the purpose of developing a strategy and further understanding of the conflict situation to better prepare the client for resolving the conflict.

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